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Partitions of Graphs III: Ramanujan meets Kevin Bacon

This is the third in a series (see also Partitions of Graphs I and Partitions of Graphs II). Chances are you’ve played with graphs before.  If you’ve ever played the Kevin Bacon game, you’ve played with graphs.  The game goes … Continue reading

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Check out this blog

It has some great mathematical art.

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72 pencils

I saw this post on another blog about a sculpture called 72 pencils.  I decided I could make it also.  Here is what I threw together.  It was easier than I feared it would be: The original design is by … Continue reading

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More Experimental Topology and Experiments in Topology

I visited my friends Peter and Liz (I stayed a few nights) and came back with a laundry list of things to post about: 1) They have some really cool polyhedra and mathematical quilts, so sometime I am going to … Continue reading

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An Artist-Mathematician

I recently learned that Eric, a friend and colleague of mine, was an artist for 7 years before getting a Ph.D. in math. He was a sculptor and printmaker. Here is some of his work: Since learning that he was … Continue reading

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More Pop Math

This is a continuation of yesterday’s post Pop Math. I am aiming at giving examples of what I am calling pop math. Thanks to Kaz for our first examples: the golden ratio and geometric art. But before I get into … Continue reading

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