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Abbot and Costello Meet Low-Dimensional Topology

My graduate training was (at least partially) in mathematical knot theory.  I guess because of that I’ve had knot puns running around my head for some time.  These finally crystallized into the following routine, which I wrote last night.  Besides, … Continue reading

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Math with Balloons

In demonstrating what a mathematical knot is, balloons are the best medium that I’ve found.  They have enough stiffness to keep the knot from collapsing so that you can’t see its structure (a string or rope would either be floppy … Continue reading

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Knot Tying Schema

I’ve noticed that whenever my two-year-old wants to tie a knot, she takes the two strands that she’s interested in and repeatedly twists them around each other.  Of course this doesn’t produce any kind of knot at all (or I … Continue reading

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