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Benzene Flexagons

My wife is taking an organic chemistry class. I don’t know much about organic chemsitry, but I did learn from her that benzene rings are hexagons. So I got thinking, what about benzene hexaflexagons? These are the result of those … Continue reading

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Some experiments with paper and math

I tried making the curvilinear origami buds that I mentioned in my post Origami II. Here is the result: They were a bit harder than I thought.  These were my first two tries.  I hope to get better as I … Continue reading

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tetraflexagons and more

Here’s the latest kids’ math book I picked up at the library.    Mental Math Challenges by Michael L. Lobosco As usual I am learning more from it than I think my kids will (see: math is such a vast subject … Continue reading

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