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A Case of Accidental Symmetry

The other day I was thinking about putting dominoes onto a 4-by-4 grid without any of the dominoes contacting each others’ sides. I wanted to know how many dominoes you could fit onto the 4-by-4 grid in this way, and … Continue reading

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Latin Squares, Squared Squares, and Legoed Squares

I introduced my kids to Latin Squares the other day. If you know Sudoku then you have seen examples of Latin squares. The idea is to fill in a grid of squares with colors or numbers or some other symbols, … Continue reading

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How to Eat an Equilateral Cheeseburger

My friend Sean worked out an elegant and practical solution to the Cheeseburger problem of my previous post.  I will try to summarize it here. There are fifteen toppings.  To make things simpler we’ll represent them with the numbers one … Continue reading

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