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An Evening of Math III

I’ve been reading Out of the Labyrinth: Setting Mathematics Free, by Robert and Ellen Kaplan, who are the founders of “the Math Circle.”  As I understand it a math circle is where you get a bunch of people together, ask … Continue reading

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An Evening of Math I

My wife has taken on the challenge of homeschooling our children this year. My main participation in this is a weekly math session with the kids in the evening on any subject of my choosing! Tonight was our first session. … Continue reading

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Partitions of Graphs VII: The Cases of 5 and 7

This is the seventh in a series, the first being here: Part I, the previous here: Part VI. In the previous post I defined a Q1 graph to be a graph G with q(G)=1.  We found examples of Q1 graphs … Continue reading

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Partitions of Graphs VI: Q1 Graphs

This is the sixth in a series.  The first is found here: Part I.  The previous is found here: Part V. I have defined q(G) to be: q(G) = p(n) – p(G), where n is the number of nodes in G. … Continue reading

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Yet more sentences

A: Sentences B and C together have 2 1s, 6 2s, 5 3s, 4 4s, 6 5s, 4 6s, 3 7s, and 2 8s. B: Sentences C and D together have 2 1s, 6 2s, 4 3s, 5 4s, 7 … Continue reading

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A couple more sentences.

Sentence A: Sentence B has 1 1, 3 2s, 2 3s, 3 4s, 2 5s, 3  6s, 1 7, and 1 8. Sentence B: Sentences A and B together have 5 1s, 6 2s, 6 3s, 4 4s, 3 5s, … Continue reading

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An alien is thinking of a number…

…and you have to guess what it is. You were captured by a malevolent alien, who would really like to eat you for dinner. He told you his name, but since it is unpronounceable to humans, you like to call … Continue reading

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