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Partitions of Graphs XI: The Case of all Sufficiently Large n

This the eleventh in a series, the first being found here: Part 1, and the previous here Part 10. In this post I provide examples of Q1 graphs of all orders n, for sufficiently large n.  In particular this will … Continue reading

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An Evening of Math I

My wife has taken on the challenge of homeschooling our children this year. My main participation in this is a weekly math session with the kids in the evening on any subject of my choosing! Tonight was our first session. … Continue reading

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Partitions of Graphs VII: The Cases of 5 and 7

This is the seventh in a series, the first being here: Part I, the previous here: Part VI. In the previous post I defined a Q1 graph to be a graph G with q(G)=1.  We found examples of Q1 graphs … Continue reading

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Partitions of Graphs I: Partitions of Whole Numbers

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for some time.  I guess that I had just better do it.  But it will be in pieces.  A little at a time.  That’s the way blogs are supposed to be right? Let’s … Continue reading

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Happy Ruth-Aaron days!

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Sequences and Creative Math for Kindergartners

I visited my kids’ classes for career day in May. I have a son in Kindergarten and a daughter in pre-K. I also visited two other kindergarten classes. I told the kids that I am a research mathematician: mathematician means … Continue reading

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I first heard the word synchronicity when I was sitting in an airport, waiting for a plane, working on this math problem (for fun) and over-hearing a man’s cell phone conversation. I thought that it was a good word for … Continue reading

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