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Knot Tying Schema

I’ve noticed that whenever my two-year-old wants to tie a knot, she takes the two strands that she’s interested in and repeatedly twists them around each other.  Of course this doesn’t produce any kind of knot at all (or I … Continue reading

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Kindergartener on Geometry vis-à-vis Anatomy

My five year old daughter told me tonight that our bodies are ovals;  Our  legs are lines;  Our toes are circlish-lines; Our arms are lines and our fingers are lines.  There you go: a geometrical model of the body through … Continue reading

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Thinking about infinity

As promised, a post about how natural it is for humans to think of infinity (see also My Grandma). Let me say first that there are some very big and important questions about infinity that mathematicians and philosophers are still … Continue reading

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More Experimental Topology

I was thinking that there might be a way to get a hexagon along the lines of the methods of the post Math with scissors. I told my kids about the idea and they were excited to do some math … Continue reading

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