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Abby’s Puzzles

My ten-year-old daughter asked me for help doing a mathematical STEM-fair project. We had a lot of funny doing the project together. Here is a brief description of what we did. We decided on the following question: “How many decominoes … Continue reading

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I’m Jamie’s wife.  You may or may not know me, but I’m a stay home mom of four kids ages 5 months – 7 years.  I studied physics and education in college (I have bachelor degrees in both).  I’m considered to be a math and … Continue reading

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How to Remember Multiplication Tables

wordpress.com has a “stats” feature that allows you, among other things, to see what search terms people have used to find your blog. It turns out that most hits that I get from search engines are by people wanting to … Continue reading

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Multiplication tables

After reading Lockhart’s Lament (see yesterday’s post) you may wonder what my experience with math in school was and how I got to be a mathematician. Here are a few, rather disjointed vignetes : Once (upon a time) in 1st … Continue reading

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