Benzene Flexagons

My wife is taking an organic chemistry class. I don’t know much about organic chemsitry, but I did learn from her that benzene rings are hexagons. So I got thinking, what about benzene hexaflexagons? These are the result of those thoughts.

ten benzene flexagons

I’ve included my templates as PDFs:


These are based on the templates that can be found at the excellent website The Flexagon Portal. They are pretty easy to fold, simply cut them out. pre-crease along all lines. then fold along the long center line and glue. This leaves two triangles that are not double-thiknesses of paper. Finally fold into a hexagon shape, making sure the benzene ring comes together appropriately and glue those final two single-thickness triangles together on top of each other.

See the instructions on The Flexagon Portal templates, or Vi Hart’s videos if you are still confused.

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