Dots and Boxes

Tonight we had a friend’s kids over as well as ours, so our place was kind of a mad house. A colleague had recently shown me the book The Dots and Boxes Game by Elwyn Berlekamp I had read about the first chapter and was intrigued, so I wanted to introduce the game to my kids. as the night was about to descend into total chaos I called everyone to the table and gave them the run-down on how to play the dots and boxes game: start with a grid of dots. On your turn connect any two adjacent dots. If you complete one or more little squares (a box) initial the box and go again. The three-year-olds basically scribbled. The five- through eight-year-olds played a few games and moved on to something else, but my ten-year-old eventually decided to challenge me. I played against him enough times for him to see me use, and then learn to use himself the double-cross tactic (which is explained in the dots and boxes Wikipedia article).

Anyway, we’ll probably continue to have fun with dots and boxes. Something else that I wanted to set them loose on is the following game that I first heard of from Singing Banana:

But we didn’t get around to it tonight…

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