Building a Computer 100: One-Bit Prototype with Data

So we scrounged around the house today and between z coping saw, some left-over nails, and the wood from a broken Ikea futon we were able to cobble together a prototype of Wandel’s toggle.  Here’s what it turned out to look like.It turned out to work pretty well.  We scrounged around the house, and in my sock drawer I found a marble.  Yes, one single marble in the whole house (my wife is out buying more as I type).  Anyway, my nine-year-old took some data while I made dinner.  We marked several positions on the chute above the toggle. My son dropped the marble about 20 times from each position and recorded how many times the toggle switched directions, sending the marble in the new direction (the correct behavior) and how many times something else (erroneous) happened.  It works essentially perfectly from the low positions.  Once you start dropping the marble from more than a foot up it only works correctly about 75% of the time.

Next we will need to make the trap mechanism for storing a marble in memory.

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