Building a Computer 11: Machines of Paper

My nine-year-old is the one who got this projected started in the first place and he has been pushing to work on it at every opportunity.  I’m hoping my seven-year-old will continue to participate, but I’m planning to let her do so at her own pace, since she’s not so interested in this subject right now.

Anyway, yesterday we both (my nine-year-old and I) worked on making paper models of Matthias Wandel’s marble adding machine (the one featured in my previous posts).The one above is my version.  I used Wandel’s plans for the machine.  My nine-year-old’s is below.  He used Wandel’s rocker, but freehanded everything else.  Kids tend to like to freehand a lot of things…then they wonder why they don’t work…In any case, I think that both of us understand much better how the machine works: mission accomplished.

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