Puzzles with Japanese Names

Here are some of my favorite puzzles that happen to have Japanese names:

Sudoku.  Sudoku is so popular that my readers have almost certainly heard of it.  Here are some unconventional versions:  Math Games: Sudoku Variations.

Tentaizu.  A good example and explanation is found at this blog: y of x (the puzzle originally comes from Southwest’s in-flight magazine).

Kenken.  The Wikipedia article gives the history, rules and some sample puzzles: Kenken on Wikipedia.

Kakuro.  I’ll refer you to Wikipedia for this one also: Kakuro on Wikipedia.

Takegaki.  Those geniuses who write the puzzles for Southwest Airlines have done it again:  Southwest Magazine Takegaki.

Thanks go to Evelyn for pointing me to the last one, and for reminding me of this post that had been sitting in my draft-box for months.

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