Math Card Games

RightStart MCG smBy Joan A. Cotter, Ph.D. Published by Activities for Learning, Inc.  A link to their site about this product can be found here: Math Card Games: 300 Games for Learning and Enjoying Math.  To see a price list, click on the picture at the bottom of the page.

These games are designed to assist in the memorization of mathematical facts and the reinforcement of concepts by practice, but in a way that makes the players think a little more than doing a worksheet, and is a lot more fun and interactive.  The games tend to remove many of the boring aspects of learning elementary level math.

Games cover the following subjects: Numeration, Addition, Clocks, Multiplication, Money, Subtraction, Division, and Fractions.

Many of the games are memory games, with a twist.  The twist is where the genius comes in.  The game that I played today with my oldest was designed to assist him in learning the dreaded times tables.  In this game, number cards with multiples of chosen numbers on them are used, and the twist is that instead of getting matches, you have to find the cards in increasing order.  If you are looking for multiples of 3, and turn over 6 first, you can’t take it, you have to find the 3 first.  The great part about it is that the after you find the 3-card, your mind turns to finding the 6-card, after that you are looking for the 9-card, etc.  Your mind begins to anticipate what the next number is as you play.  After playing the game multiple times, you become familiar with the number sequences.

Many of the games are modified versions of common games, such as fish and rummy, so it makes it easy for the child to play them.  The rest have pretty simple rules that the child can easily understand.  Several of the games can be played with multiple players, or as solitaire games.

This book and the accompanying cards have been well worth the money, and we’ve have 270+ more games to go in the book.

Reviewed by Arlynda

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