Latest picks from the library

Here are the two books that I grabbed recently from the library:


How Math Works: 100 Ways Parents and Kids Can Share the Wonders of Mathematics, by Carol Vorderman.  Lots of activities here, but not all of them are all that mathematical and not all of them look all that fun, but I think there are some gems.  One that looks interesting is on page 167 of the edition that I have.  The point of the activity os to make a solid out of modeling clay that will be able to plug a circular hole, a triangular hole, and a square hole.  To quoate the text: “The experiment encourages you to think about non-regular shapes.”


On Beyond a Million: An Amazing Math Journey, by David M. Schwartz.  this is a quick picture book about big numbers and counting by powers of ten.  The highlight is the speech bubbles of the child characters in the books.  They ask lots of questions, not all of which are completely answered…

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